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Title: An introduction to object oriented programming with Java
Authors: C.Thomas, Wu
Keywords: OOP, thread, collection, graphic
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2006
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Series/Report no.: 2008053612;987
Abstract: This book is an introduction to object-oriented programming using the Java programming language. We use the object-first approach where objects are used from the first sample program. Object-oriented thinking is emphasized and promoted from the beginning. Students learn how to use objects first and then learn how to define their own objects
Description: There are 16 chapters in this book, numbered from 0 to 15. The first 11 chapters cover the core topics that provide the fundamentals of programming. Chapters 11 to 15 cover intermediate-level topics such as sorting, searching, recursion, inheritance, polymorphism, and file I/O. There are more than enough topics for one semester. After the first 11 chapters (Ch 0 to Ch 10), instructors can mix and match materials from Chapters 11 to 15 to suit their needs. We first show the dependency relationships among the chapters and then provide a brief summary of each chapter.
ISBN: 978–0–07–352330–9
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